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Products and services offered by Araucaria Ecotours

  • Fauna surveys and other environmental consultancies
  • Interpretive computer programs, videos and written materials
  • Musical composition and performances

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      • wildlife book
      • wildlife tourism course
      • children's activities

Wildlife book

The custom-written document "Australian Wildlife' by Ronda Green is given free to each of our guests on 3-day wildlife tours or wildlife weekends, but is also available to other guests for $16.50, or purchased through us for $19.80 including postage and handling costs ($22.00AUS if sending overseas).

The book takes you through
  • the main groups of Australia's mammals, birds, reptiles and frogs of Australia, with some handy tips for remembering these groups
  • a sample of  fish, invertebrates and plant groups of Australia
  • notes on what is different between Australian wildlife and faunas of other world regions
  • ecological needs of wildlife
  • a brief history of Australia over the past 5 million years.
The book is also available at a number of information centres around the Scenic Rim and the Tweed valley.

Add $3.30 and also receive:
  • a puzzle booklet based on the contents of the wildlife book, designed to let you have some fun, test your memory, and digest what you have been learning from the book - includes crossword puzzle, anagrams, deductive logic and other puzzles
  • a check sheet of fauna you might see in your travels
Australian WIldlife book

Wildlife Tourism course

Are you:

  • a guide? (paid or volunteer)
  • wanting to become a guide?
  • wanting to start your own business in wildlife tourism?
  • running an ecolodge, farm stay or country B&B that has birds or other wildlife nearby?
  • working in a national park, a wildlife park or a zoo?
  • aiming at excellence in wildlife interpretation for your guests,  and wanting to understand why and how different methods work?
  • wanting to improve your own understanding and memory of the wildlife you are interpreting?
  • uncertain how to deal with a wide range of different kinds of people?
This very comprehensive manual guides you through

other books
wildlife of scenic Rim

puzzle books
travel on highways, with children, or stories about places along way