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Wildlife tours. Bird watching. Other nature tours.                                           Established Established 1996. Multi-award-winning 

        Araucaria Ecotours

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Day Tours  and  Multi-day Tours from Brisbane:

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Enjoy learning about our wildlife! We don't just name the animals we see, but aim to enhance your understanding of  their ecology, behaviour, evolutionary relationships, similarities and differences with animals in other world regions, and conservation issues, and provide a framework of our wildlife groups to fit all this into.

(all our tours have achieved  advanced eco-certification)                                                               


  1. Coronavirus has caused us to close down our tours. We don't plan to re-open until February 2021.
  2. We may only be taking tours for Australians and New Zealanders in 2021- let's see what happens with lockdown.
  3. We will soon start taking bookings for 2022 - deposit returned if flights are still impossible due to Covid.

Our major focus is seeing and learning about wildlife in its natural habitat.

      • Look for wild platypus, kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, possums, fruitbats, forest birds,  wetland birds, reptiles, frogs, butterflies and other wildlife
      • Learn from wildlife experts about Australia's uniqueness, and the behaviour and ecology of our native animals
      • Travel to  forests, mountains, wetlands, beaches and outback habitats
      • See rare and threatened native species in a wildlife park 
      • advanced
                          eco-accreditation See the Milky Way far from interference of city lights 
      • Stand under a magical 'starry sky' which is really a cave of glow worms
      • Taste wild foods, sample local wines
      • Tell us if you have any special needs and interests and we'll happily cater  for most.
      • Join special tours (watch for announcements) involving conservation projects and  ecological research and help add to databases on our regular tours
      • Come alone, as a couple or family or your special-interest or study group. All ages welcome
      • The Scenic Rim - just south of Brisbane with beautiful mountain streams, rainforest, bushland, kangaroos, koalas, great birdlife and so much else
      • Destinations outside the Scenic Rim: quiet beaches lined with woodlands instead of buildings, islands near Brisbane with a variety of habitats, semi-arid outback woodlaands, wetlands with abundant birdlife ...


      • Why is Australia's wildlife so different from other regions? We discuss this on our tours and in the book (paperback or on flashdrive) given to guests on our wildlife overview tours
      • See and learn about birds, mammals and other wildlife with research zoologist or experienced naturalist
      • The Scenic Rim (our main destination) is one of Australia's biodiversity hotspots, with kangaroos, koalas, gliding possums, platypus, bat colonies, lyrebirds, bowerbirds, a bird of paradise, cockatoos, pelicans, spoonbills, many other forest birds and waterbirds, many raptors, pythons, monitors, mover 40 frog species, many butterflies ...
      • No guarantee of sightings of any particular species, especially rare, shy or cryptic ones. but there are some we haven't missed yet!
                      Grey kangaroo"Ronda and her son Darren were superb guides": see testimonials

Araucaria Ecotours is a member of Ecotourism Australia (recognised as a Geen Leader, and in Hall of Fame), Wildlife Tourism Australia (Arauaria proprietor is currently chair), Queensland Tourism Industry Council, Brisbane Marketing and Destination Scenic Rim

We also run environmental consultancies, visits to our ecology centre and other services & products, including wildlife books

Enjoy seeing and learning about our wildlife!

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